Great success is not done by an individual, but a team
Achieve great success with Rakuten Drive Business!
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The best collaborative tool for your team to be more productive, efficient and successful
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It helps your team stay on top of the work with greater control, flexibility, and more powerful features
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Try Rakuten Drive Business and achieve whatever business goals your team has set out
Rakuten Drive Business Rakuten Drive PRO
Price (monthly) $11.99
per member
User Use 5 or more For 1 person
Everything in Rakuten Drive PRO
3TB of Cloud storage per member x
Set up a team profile x
Administrative tools of your team x
Powerful features of Team Drive x
Monitor members’ activities x
Transfer and share large files easily and quickly
Rakuten Drive can send/share large files such as Artwork files, high-definition videos, and multiple files easily and quickly. It's the best solution to collaborate with both internal and external teams.
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Support all file formats and share files securely
Support all file formats and possible to transfer/share professional formats of files. Password/expiration date setting enhances security.
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With no limit of time and place, for anyone, anywhere
With PCs and mobile devices, you can access Rakuten Drive to share/manage files smoothly regardless of where you are.
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Customized for small and medium-sized companies with intricate requirements and a focus on control
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